The Challis Public Library is a city tax funded entity.  Those who own city property or reside within city limits pay property taxes that support our facility.  Those living outside city limits must pay for library privileges in the form of the annual $30.00 household fee. Seasonal household rate $2.50 month.


Registration:  All patrons will be registered on our computer system and provide the library with a photo ID and proof of residence.


Privileges:  Each registered library patron in good standing is entitled to the following:

Item                                              Limit                         Period of Use

Books                                            3 per person               3 weeks

Audio Books                                   3 per person               1 week

Periodicals                                     3 per person               1 week

*The most recent periodical issue is for library use only.

Videos                                           2 per household           Next day's closing

*Saturday only                               4 per household           Until 11:00 AM Tues.

Computers                                     10 cents per print         1 Hour

*Visitors and those without a library card may access the computers by donating to our computer maintenance fund in addition to paying for their computer printouts.

Renewals                                        1 Renewal per item     Repeat of period of use

Fines:  Failure to return or renew materials by the date due will result in the loss of priveleges until items are returned and fines are paid.

    Item                                       Fine Amount

    Book                                       10 cents per day

    Audio Book                              25 cents per day

    Videos                                     25 cents per day

    Periodicals                               10 cents per day

Hours:  Sunday & Monday              Closed

             Tue./Wed./Thur.                11:00 - 6:00

              Friday & Saturday             11:00 - 3:00

Challis Public Library - P.O. Box 186 - Challis, ID 83226 - (208) 879-4267

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